UP photo Ariel Rosete

UP photo Ariel Rosete

Superstition is well-known in the game of baseball, even for the Lamar Cardinals. When former Cardinal outfielder Gavin Tristan saw a flamingo at Walmart during the 2016 season, he couldn’t resist bringing it to the dugout for good luck. The Cardinals christened her “Lucy” and proceeded to win 13 games in a row, earning them a top-25 ranking. When the team’s streak was snapped by Baylor, things went downhill. As a result, the baseball team decided to bury Lucy out by the bullpen.

When the team struggled to begin this season, they decided it was time to give Lucy another shot and dig her up — they’ve since won six out of their last eight games.

Senior outfielder Brendan Satran said he is optimistic about Lucy impacting the rest of the season.

“Every little thing helps,” he said. “If guys believe it’s good luck we will play a little better — it’s because we believe we have that extra edge over other teams.”

Satran said that Lucy is more appealing to the hitters than the pitchers.

“The hitters are the main ones who believe in it,” he said. “If they are having a good game, they go over and give Lucy a little pat. I say it’s more of a hitters thing because the hitters are a little more superstitious than the pitchers are.”

The coaches are aware of the impact Lucy has on the players.

“The coaches just kind of let us have fun with it in the dugout,” Satran said. “They know about it and they like it. It keeps the attitude light and not so serious, so that we can be loose out there and have fun. The more relaxed you are, the better you will play, especially in baseball, so they approve of Lucy.”

Satran said fans may wonder why the players have a pink flamingo in the dugout.

“If you ever come to a game, watch whenever we score runs — you’ll see someone carrying her around the dugout,” he said. “Guys will go over and pat her. She just kind of hangs out towards the side. When guys need a little confidence, they will go over and pay their respects to Lucy.”

Junior transfer Chad Fleischer said he had no clue who Lucy was until a couple weeks ago.

“I did not know what they were talking about at first,” he said. “Finally, when they found her, I thought it was the coolest thing we could do.”

Fleischer is surprised at the recognition the flamingo is receiving.

“At first I was skeptical,” he said. “But now that she has joined our team, she has really turned our bats on, including myself, and I thank her every day for that.

“Finding her was a blessing. When she rejoined our team, she brought back a spark that we needed. Lucy has been a game changer and the magic she brings to us every day on the field lets us know that we can do anything.”

Marcus Owens

UP contributor

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