lu-joins-cpedThe Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate recently announced that Lamar University will join program in June.

Lamar and 21 other new graduate schools of education will unite with more than 80 members of the consortium in the redesigning of professional preparation in education for the improvement of PK-20 education and the organizations that support it, a release states.

“We have always focused on offering Ed.D programs globally, before this,” Kaye Shelton, associate professor of educational leadership and director of the Center for Doctoral Studies in the College of Education and Human Development, said. “However, this project encourages new members to do more research, concentrate on global education leadership, and have continuous improvement.”

LU’s doctoral program in educational leadership went online in 2011 and has grown steadily, Shelton said. Today, there are around 300 applications for about 60 openings in the next cohort.

The Carnegie Project on the Educational Doctorate institution members and their faculty engage to learn from insight and with each other, the best ways to design professional preparation. CPED anticipates that adding these institutions to the consortium will add an immense value and push CPED’s collective work even further.

“The idea of the Carnegie Project on the Educational Doctorate is that you’re bringing together universities that are normally competing with one another to solve challenges faced in trying to become well-equipped scholarly practitioners who provide stewardship of the profession,” Brian K. Sattler, LU director of public relations,” said.

New members of CPED were chosen through an application process and evaluated by a CPED committee composed of faculty members of current CPED institutions.

“It’s actually an honor to be invited to join this project,” Sattler said. “Not only do they want us to take away from other schools, they also recognize what Lamar University can bring to the table. We get to work alongside people that have experience and knowledge in the ways that education has changed in the 21st century. We’re very excited for this opportunity.”

For more information, email, or call 880-8396.

Madelynn Holdreith

UP contributor

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