Music app changes game for music listeners

A few days ago, while stuck at a railroad crossing, I made a terrible decision to listen to the radio. Within ten minutes I heard the same five songs twice. If radio hits are your thing, that is completely fine. As a music lover though, I cherish variety. So, I decided to listen to music from my favorite music app called Spotify.

Spotify, unless you’ve been living under a rock, is a music, video and podcast streaming service that came on the scene in 2008. According to stats on its website, the Swedish company had more than 140 million monthly users and more than 60 million paying subscribers.

I don’t normally pay for premium subscriptions, but that all changed once I realized how much Spotify has to offer. With over 30 million songs in its database and the ease of use, the premium price of $9.99 per month is well worth it for me. I have created multiple playlists for every moment of my life. I wake up to metal, shower to opera, work out to hip hop and listen to Polka while waiting at railroad crossings.

Spotify is simple and easy to use. Just search any song, album or artist that you want to hear. You can listen as many times as you want, add songs to a specific playlist, download them directly to your phone and even share songs with friends. One of my favorite features is the option to follow an artist for alerts on new content such as new singles, albums and tour dates.

antonio del rioAnother great feature on the app is the radio. Based on the songs you like, Spotify radio will play similar artists and perfect its playlist the more you listen and interact with it. If you like the song that is playing you can thumb the song up and this will play more songs and artists of that style. If you do not like a song that you are hearing, then you can simply thumb the song down and you will never hear it again. Also, liking a song from the radio will add that song to a playlist on your profile where you can go and listen to everything you’ve ever liked from the radio. When is the last time the car radio has ever cared that much about the music you like?

In the efforts of promoting new music and songs of the past, Spotify offers features like Discover Weekly which generates a playlist that brings users two hours of custom-made music recommendations created by mixing a user’s personal taste with songs enjoyed by similar listeners. Also, listeners have access to all of the songs of the US Top 50 (No, “Despacito” is no longer number one on the charts), Global Top 50 and the top 50 of over 54 individual countries from around the world that includes Japan, Canada, Ecuador and Latvia.

Unsigned artists will also find use for Spotify as they have the ability to upload songs and receive money for their songs being played.

Look, I used to enjoy listening to car radio, but the truth is that the radio has not played anything interesting in a long time. I used to enjoy MTV as well, but that died a long time ago. Does it even play music anymore?  Nevertheless, music streaming and other internet services are the current way to find the music you want to hear. With so many options to chose from, the decision for which music app that you, is all completely in your hands or ears.

My advice is to go with Spotify. Who am I? Just a guy blasting the La Macarena on his way to class all thanks to Spotify.

Story by Antonio Del Rio, UP contributor

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