It was 6 a.m. on a day I cannot recall, working a never-ending night shift like I had been for 11 months — my days were running into each other. I was asleep with my head on the table in the kitchen at the office when I heard a deep voice shatter my dream with, “Good Morning.” My eyes popped open immediately, thinking that I was going to get canned for sleeping on the job, but then I saw a bright vision and thought God had sent an angel to take me home. I was so tired that I thought, “What the hell, I lived a good life.”

I watched as the figure walked toward me, it was my co-worker coming to relieve me — basically, my angel who arrives promptly at 6 a.m. to save me from the night time hell that I was still not accustomed to. 

Sierra Kondos UP staff writer

Sierra Kondos
UP staff writer

But something about the way I woke up and saw him emerge from the light changed the way I see him. From that day on, I did not call him by his name, I called him “Angel,” because that is what he became for me in many ways other than the morning rescues.

Angel and I never really spoke much. He worked a morning shift and I was on nights. The most we exchanged was pleasantries and we went on about our day. But every day I noticed more about him. He was nice to everyone but he stayed to himself. He was shy, like socially-awkward shy.

A few weeks later, I was moved to the afternoon shift and got off at 10 p.m. I was finally able to have some semblance of a social life. I decided to invite all my friends at work to play pool. I saw Angel, but I had forgot to extend the invite personally. I found him on social media and invited him to go play with us. He declined, but gave me his phone number. Our first conversation lasted three hours of him playing the game of “20 Questions,” which is always more than that, ranging from my favorite color to why I was passionate about New Orleans. 

Every morning when I woke up there would be a good morning text and the conversation would kick off again until midnight. In just a few short weeks, he knew almost all there was to know about me. I had never met anyone who was so nice and kind to me. I felt like his interest did not just reach skin deep — he wanted to know who I was. I talked to him and told him the things I loved and what I needed. When I voiced it, I realized how long I had been without, and how lonely I had been without someone caring enough to ask me about me.

I felt new and invigorated with how I felt about myself. It gave me a new-found strength to go after everything I wanted. And I don’t think Angel even knew what he did for me, by getting to know me and making me feel like who I am and what I love is important. 

The weeks that followed that first night was something I will never forget. I made a special friend who brought to light what I was missing in my life, and what I had always wanted but never received. I found things I honestly did not know existed anymore — human decency? Genuine interest? 

My new friendship taught me how I wanted others to treat me, and that if someone is genuinely interested in me, they will make an effort to get to know me. That’s the definition of friendship. 

Story by Sierra Kondos, UP staff writer

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