Resources to help reunite with your displaced pet

Humane.Socitey2.ndHurricane Harvey caused many people to lose track of their pets. There are several Facebook groups set up to reunite people with their animals.

The groups include, Harvey Animal Rescue Needs and Offers to Help, Hurricane Harvey displaced pets, Harvey Animals/ Livestock rescue resources and coordinating, Hurricane Harvey Animal Relief and Lost and Found Pets of SE Texas.

“A lot of pets that ended up at Ford Park were transferred to HSPCA in Houston, so you could check their website and also check our website” Monica Lee, Humane Society of Southeast Texas development director and shelter manager, said. “All the animals that have come to us will be on our website labeled as ‘HH and the name that we have given them.’ There is also an album on our Facebook page with all the pets as well.”

Lee said that in an effort to help people find their pets faster in the future, they are all being microchipped at no cost.

If one finds a pet, contact any of the listed Facebook pages or The Humane Society to help get the pet and owner back together.

Eric Mittal, UP contributor


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