The Lamar University department of theatre and dance will present “Fall and Recovery,” Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the University Theatre.

Travis Prokop, assistant professor of dance, said that the audience should look forward to variety as well as dancing of a high caliber.

“(The students’) work ethic and camaraderie amongst each other is very nice,” he said. “If someone wants to see a very nice quality dance concert, this is the one for them.”

Senior Katelyn Kirk is both a dancer and choreographer in the show.

“There are a lot of different genres,” she said. “There’s modern, tap, musical theatre, aerial silks, contemporary, hip-hop, point — there’s a mix. There’s a piece that opens the show that’s technology-based called ‘A Bright Tomorrow.’”

Latroy Gable and Brianna Georgie rehearse for the fall dance concert, Monday.

Latroy Gable and Brianna Georgie rehearse for the fall dance concert, Monday.

There are ten pieces in total, five in each act.

Kirk is in three pieces, Prokop’s “Paper Trail,” Lou Arrington’s “Broadway Revisited: South Pacific,” and “Word of Mouth” by Amy Elizabeth.

“It’s so hard to say a favorite, they’re all completely different genres, and they’re all so different,” she said. “I’ve never worked with Amy Elizabeth before. She’s a new choreographer, and I really enjoy her piece. I think it’s really entertaining.”

Two other seniors, Latroy Gable and Brianna Georgie, are performing one of two of the student-created pieces in the show.

“It’s called ‘The Edge,’” Gable said. “I asked the teachers if I could perform this as a break. There are a lot of dancers that perform multiple times so I wanted to give them time to relax. I asked to put this in as some kind of intermission.”

There are some stresses that come with creating a piece without the help of trained professionals, but the most important for creating “The Edge” was the problem of time, Georgie said.

“We didn’t have many rehearsals to work on this,” she said. “It wasn’t like we had days and days and days. We had to get it done on our own, quickly.

“It’s exciting to get to perform this for a full audience, but mainly for our families. I know Latroy choreographed it, but I’m really proud to be in this piece. I think it’s been a really great learning process to learn a different style and work with a partner.”

Gable said the type of dance is called mature partnering.

“I haven’t had much experience with it before — it’s very close, we’re touching everywhere,” he said. “The hardest part was me and Brianna had never established a friendship. Now it’s different, we can convey the message a lot better now than we could before we had a background. It was a big honor for it to get into the show. It was really personal.”

The show’s finale is a mixture of everything, Kirk said.

“It’s a mashup,” she said. “It’s got a mixture of musical theatre, tap — it’s very entertaining.”

Kirk said that Hurricane Harvey meant that rehearsal time was shortened.

“We felt rushed, but it’s come together really well,” she said, adding that one thing makes it all worthwhile.

  “Performing makes it worth it,” she said. “I’m really excited for this weekend.”

Show times are 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m., Sunday. Tickets are $7 for Lamar students, $10 for faculty, staff, seniors and other students, and $15 general admission.

To reserve tickets, call 880-2250, or visit

Story by Trace Cowan, UP contributor

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