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It’s crazy to think that even though planet Earth is our only haven as humans, many of us don’t take care of it, as we should. We leave trash everywhere, cut down our forests, our animals become extinct due to our lack of care and we fill our beaches daily with waste and oil. To help recognize the responsibility we have to our planet, Earth Day was created.

Earth Day originated in 1970 to support environmental protection. Activists around the world celebrate the event by planting trees, recycling, carpooling and more. With more than 193 countries participating, the Earth Day Network coordinates the events globally.

This year Earth Day will be held April 22, and Lamar University has two weeks of events for students to show their support for environmental causes, running through April 28.

Alicen Flosi, LU director of sustainability, said the events will be fun but also educational.

“The purpose of Earth Week is to inform students about ways to reduce our impact on the environment so that future generations have the resources they need,” she said. “It also will show ways everyone can eat and live healthily, and take care of their environment by becoming more engaged on campus.”

Lamar’s second-annual “Earth Week,” organized by the department of sustainability, will feature daily events where students can practice and learn about sustainability and also find out about the importance of Earth Day.

Students can win up to $750, by entering a five-minute video in the LU Green Squad Sustainability Video Contest. The deadline to be uploaded onto the LU Green Squad Facebook page is today.

A “Social Justice Discussion” event will be held today in 110 Family and Consumer Science building from 6p.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday, a beach clean up will be held at McFadden Beach. Volunteer hours will apply and the beach will supply tools and instruction upon arrival.

Tuesday, Earth Day will be celebrated at the men’s baseball game at Vincent Beck Stadium against Texas Southern University at 4 p.m.

To conclude the celebration, an Arbor Day Celebration and Work Day at the Gardens will be held 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., beginning at the LU Community Garden and concluding at the South Park Community Garden.

“The mission is to strengthen campus initiatives, encourage participation in sustainability efforts, inspire the efficient use of resources, and expand community outreach,” Flosi said.

Lamar’s Green Squad has already placed green recycling bins next to the black trash bins in the hallways, restrooms and classrooms around campus to encourage students to separate what is trash from what can be recycled.

“I hope that people are recycling all year long, but we know that is not the case,” Flosi said. “If you have one week where we are encouraging students to recycle and to take care of their community and campus, then these newly acquired habits can hopefully turn into a lifestyle.”

For more information, email at flosiab@lamar.edu, or visit lamar.edu/sustainability.

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