Lamar University’s department of Deaf studies and Deaf education is introducing two new programs in the fall, a bachelor’s in ASL Advocacy and an ASL Minor. They are adding programs for Lamar University students to improve benefits and opportunities for their future jobs, department chair Diane Clark, said.

“Many students have other majors but have enjoyed their language experience in ASL and want to learn more than simply ASL I thru ASL IV,” she said.

The classes required to complete for BA-ASL minor are ASL I to IV, introduction to deaf studies and nine hours of advanced American Sign Language electives. The program does not provide interpreting certification.

It is a benefit for hearing students who might work with Deaf people in the future, Clark said. The skills students will gain from the program are basic communication skills, working with Deaf people and social communications.

“We still waiting for State approval for this program to start,” associate professor Zanthia Smith, said

DSDE encourage students to learn to learn about another culture and to better understand how Deaf people contribute to society, Smith said. The department seeks to develop competencies to the highest level in the areas of interpreting, teaching and doctoral level leadership. They also provide multiple programs such as BA- ASL teaching and interpreting, M.S. in Deaf studies and education and Ed.D in Deaf studies and education.

“We are working on new master’s degrees for those people who want to teach at the community college level, as well as changing out Ed.D. in Deaf studies and Deaf education to a Ph.D.,” Clark said.

For more information, call 861-4861(video phone), or email or, or visit 107 Communication Building.

Dylan Lutes

UP contributor

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