A visit to 1984


I realize that whenever a male interjects a pro-life argument into the discussion of abortion rights, he is immediately suspect by a significant percentage of the listening audience, and that based solely on his gender.

But guided by the firm conviction that the validity of an argument is based on the arguer’s fidelity to both truth and unbending laws of logic and not on his or her gender. I will continue.

I was dumbfounded by the UP editorial entitled, “Planned Parenthood Saves Lives.” (Editor’s Note: “Planned Parenthood Saves Lives” was a column by UP contributor Stephanie DeMeyer, published Feb. 16). I felt like Winston Smith on any page of “1984,” watching darkness portrayed as light because the tenor of the culture demanded it.

Consider parents A and B who rush to surgery for the premature arrival of little C, only X weeks along in the gestation period. After hours of valiant effort, the doctor emerges with a smile and declares, “The surgery was a success; both patients are alive and well!”

Consider parents A and B waiting at the abortion clinic for the termination of little C, also X weeks along in the gestation period. After hours of work, the doctor emerges and declares, “The surgery was a success; the baby is dead.”

Now while no abortionist would actually say those words that is precisely the definition of success for every abortive procedure: a dead baby.

And we all know that by simply calling an unborn baby a “fetus” or a “tissue mass” doesn’t in any way change the fact that it is an unborn human child we’re speaking of. Even a pro-choice champion, Hillary Clinton, in a rare unguarded encounter with common sense, spoke on “Meet the Press” about the degree of Constitutional rights deserved by an unborn child. Yikes! The Ministry of Truth came down hard on her for that bit of Oldspeak.

We have come to a shameful place in our society, when, as Matt Walsh wrote, “The value of human life is an entirely fluid and subjective matter. The worth of a child’s life is relative to how desirable his life is to those around him.”

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one provider of abortions (in the hundreds of thousands each year), is empowered to be just that by your tax dollars and mine.  And abortion, if successful, always leaves one patient dead and another one scarred for life. If that can somehow be interpreted as “saving lives,” then 2+2=5 and “doublespeak” has become the nation’s official language.

Gary Brice


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