Lamar University’s Association of Black Journalists is seeking recruits for the fall 2017 semester. The group is designed to bring communication majors together and enable them to network with professionals in their field.

LUABJ offers an opportunity for students to make contacts that will help them after they graduate, Ja’Tianna Mingo, LUABJ president, said. The group is going through a rejuvenation after a period of inactivity and Mingo said that she is excited to be part of its growth and development.

“The association is going to guarantee each of our members not only job exposure but incentives as well,” she said. “The members will receive two shirts, one in the fall semester and another in the spring. The organization will also be hosting numerous student events in which everyone who is a part of LUABJ will be granted free entry.”

The group is open to all students, regardless of race.

“Though black is in the organization’s name, we are not turning away any interested members at all, regardless of race or major,” Mingo said. “Our goal is to become a networking outlet for the students and encourage them to be a part of something that will be a great résumé enhancer.”

The association already had a positive outcome for some of those involved. Charles Carter III, LUABJ vice president, said that being a member of the group has already yielded benefits.

“Before joining this committee, I applied for this internship with ESPN in Houston, and was told to give them until the summer time to hear whether or not I received the positon,” he said. “After becoming a part of LUABJ, I decided to call back and check my application status. I also informed them that I had joined a group at my university which deals with journalism. Shortly after I was told that I had been selected for the interview portion of the process.

“It just seems as though they needed to hear that I was getting experience in some shape or form.”

LUABJ meets every Monday at 5 p.m. in 113 Communication Building.

For more information, visit the LUABJ OrgSync page.

Milton Holmes II

UP contributor


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