UP photo by Rashamir Simis

UP photo by Rashamir Simis

What started off as a class project has now become something meaningful for Lamar students. The project was to raise money for St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

Chelsea Jones, Houston senior, said she viewed the class project no differently from any other class assignment.

“However, once meeting those who were battling various illnesses and diseases,” she said. “I knew then this project would mean more than just a letter grade, and that it was bigger than me.

The class was spilt into different groups to compete against each other to raise money.

“The group that raises the most funds for field day not only wins, but will also be exempt from taking the semester final,” Bryson Wilson, Houston senior. “We set our fundraising goal at $300 for field day.

“Since we are competing against other groups, we wanted to stand out in every way possible. We named our group ‘The Avengers.’ I felt that our group actions exemplified superhero-like qualities,” he said.

The field day took place, April 19, in front of Brooks-Shivers Dining Hall lawn. The event lasted from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Jones said the turnout was tremendous.

“Although, we were competing against other groups, it was great to see students unify for a common cause,” she said. “If a group needed help with anything, the other groups were there to chip in any way possible.”

The field day consisted of a plethora of games and food. Tamera Thigpen, Mississippi sophomore, said she had a blast.

“I really enjoyed myself,” she said “There was henna tattoos, tug of war, face painting, and a live DJ. I personally enjoyed petting the chipmunk squirrels What made this event even more special was the fact it was very cost efficient — nothing at the field day cost more than $1.”

The Avengers field day raised a total of $280.26.

The Avengers will still accept donations through May 3.

For more information, visit fundraising.stjude.org.

Rashamir Sims

UP contributor

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