Nechele McClinton, Lamar University assistant director of residence life, will present the lecture, “Leading Out Loud,” at 2 p.m., today, in 702 Gray Library. The lecture is the latest in the Redtalks series.

“Often, when we think about leadership, we think about qualities and characteristics,” she said. “So, I really want to shine the light on the characteristics that introverts have that make them good leaders as well, helping them identify if they’re introverts and extroverts, and if they are an extrovert, how they connect with their introverted friend.”

McClinton said she wants the audience to get a better understanding of who they are ,and understand the different qualities of leadership whether they be introvert or extrovert, as well as ways to communicate with others who may have different leadership styles.

“Having my doctorate in educational leadership and being a supervisor for many years, I speak through experience in dealing with self-discovery in leadership,” she said.

Kelly Williams, coordinator for LU Success and REDtalks, said leadership development is important for students.

“I feel a lot of students would be interested in developing leadership skills,” she said. “I hope they obtain the knowledge that they need to gain valuable leadership skills. As well, I want them to walk away feeling inspired to be leaders on campus, in organizations or where they work, or even in the classroom.”

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Story by Rosevelt Mathews, UP Contributor

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