Lamar University’s graduating art students will showcase their work in the senior thesis exhibit, “Mind Garden,” opening 6:30 p.m., Friday, at the Dishman Art Museum.

Photographer Victoria Robicheaux said the exhibition is the culmination of a lot of hard work.

“Choosing a theme is one of the hardest thing to do,” she said. “You may know what kind of art you want to make, but it’s difficult to make that idea come together.”

Robicheaux picked a theme that shows the diversity across America. Her series is titled, “All for One and One For All.”

It is a series aimed at adult audiences, she said.

“I have constantly been editing through the whole semester,” said Robicheaux.

Senior Victoria Robicheaux sets up her senior art thesis exhibit in the Dishman Art, April, 24. UP photo by Noah Dawlearn

Senior Victoria Robicheaux sets up her senior art thesis exhibit in the Dishman Art, April, 24. UP photo by Noah Dawlearn

Prince Thomas, senior thesis course teacher, said each student will showcase roughly eight pieces that revolve around a single theme.

“The purpose of this show has multiple levels — the main one is so that they are able to showcase their talent,” he said.

The show will feature five graphic design students, one painter, one photographer and one sculptor.

Graphic designer Marisol Lua is ready to show her work about the solar system, which is aimed toward children. She said she took a big leap in creating an exhibit that was difficult and new, but she is hopeful of how wonderful it will become.

“I used something called virtual reality in my exhibit, and this is something that the graphic design department hasn’t even used yet,” she said. “It’s fairly new and many people don’t know how to work with it yet.”

Lua said there were times during the semester when the work got difficult, but she never gave up.

“I created a graphic design interaction exhibit that children can view and get involved in,” she said. “This could actually be an open door for me to something else or something bigger.”

All students have different themes that they choose at the beginning of the semester. Robicheaux said it’s not an easy process.

“We’ve been working on the thesis writing and the thesis exhibit so were excited to show off how hard we have been working,” she said. “And were also ready for a break.

“No matter your age, gender, or race, there is something that everyone can find throughout our show and enjoy.”

Viewers to the show will see the students’ passion for art.

“I love art,” Lua said. “I have studied drawing, sculptures, graphic design, photography and more, and my interest always grows.”

While Robicheaux’s passion is photography, but her original major was accounting.

“I found that I wasn’t happy when I was studying my other degree,” she said. “I wanted to find something I was passionate about, and art had always been my relaxation.”

The students said that they are excited for their future careers in art because they will get to work with what they love.

“We hope for people to come to see how hard we have worked and to see how we incorporated our passion into our work,” Lua said.

Robicheaux agrees.

“This is a showcase of all of our works,” she said. “But to be honest, this is really us just going out with a bang.”

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