rayce2Rayce Romero

Bikes zip around corners and dirt flies as Rayce Romero makes the last few tweaks on his cherry-red bike. The Groves junior balances his time on campus and time on the track in order to pursue his motocross dreams. “The end goal for me is to do this for a living, but I’m hoping my degree can get me involved and working with corporations in the industry if I ever do go pro,” he says. There is a lot of technique and training that goes into motocross. “Most people don’t understand the physical demand of the sport and the time it takes to be good at it,” the business major says. “The faster you go, the harder it is to hold onto the bike, so I’m at the gym about four days a week and I try to go out and ride at least three to four days.” A large part of motocross is maintenance of the bike. “You are always working on the bike, which can become a money pit,” he says. “I am always having to look up YouTube tutorials and do research in order to be able to fix problems that come up.” Rayce says the small accomplishments are rewarding. “It’s great to beat my own personal lap time and take steps towards my main goal,” he says. “But racing on my own is the biggest thing I have accomplished.”

Story and photo by Hannah LeTulle

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