UP graphic by Cormac Kelly

UP graphic by Cormac Kelly


My days are powered by two things: espresso and a to-do list.

I have a type-A personality. I want things in order, color coded, alphabetized, numbered, you name it. If it has to do with standardization, I want everything to do with it. I’m the type of person who, if my backpack was stolen, would be more concerned about the loss of my planner full of dates and appointments, than I would be of my $1,800 laptop that I’ll have to replace. If I drop my phone and it breaks, I’m perpetually anxious until I get a new one, not so I could talk and text, but so I would have access to my to-do list again.

For as long as I can remember, I kept a running to-do list that I categorized (by colored heart emojis) ranging from school, work, personal (things I needed to purchase, home things, etc.), things I needed to remember for the future, and a list of things I needed to do for the future that didn’t need to be done immediately. I’m organized beyond what is good for me, I realize, but I do indeed get things done.

Up until recently, I used the notes app on my phone to organize my to-do list as best as I could. I categorized everything manually, deleted each task once completed, and used different emojis to represent various facets of my life. I thought this was brilliant until a friend told me about a free to-do list app called Wunderlist.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so obsessed and head-over-heels for an app. I feel like a fool in love, but I’m totally unashamed. This to-do list app not only allows you to make and categorize to-do lists, you can set a due date and reminder for each task on your list. When you do this, the app makes a list called “Today” and “Week,” where all the tasks that you need to complete for that day or during the specified week are pulled into these lists. But it gets better.

Shelby Strickland UP managing editor

Shelby Strickland
UP managing editor

Sometimes I have a few hours in the middle of the day and 12 things on my to-do list that I need to get done at some point, but with no secure deadline. Wunderlist has a feature where you can “star” a task. When you do this, it is highlighted and pulled not only to the top of the list it’s under, but also goes into a new list called “Starred.” I use my Starred list to check off random things that I have random time allotted for.

To make matters even cooler, you can sync your to-do list to all of your devices. Your anxiety can follow you. It’s great.

Last, but certainly not least, Wunderlist has a feature where you can share a to-do list. This is incredible for group projects or planning an event with someone. My employer puts her to-do list for me in the app and shares it. When I finish tasks, I can check them off, so not only do I know they’re finished, she’s up-to-date with what I’ve completed.

I won’t deny that I feel cheated considering I went years of my life without the simplicity this app has to offer and the anxiety it would have freed me of, but that aside, I am proud to be a Wunderlist convert.

Forget the handwritten to-do’s, or the iPhone notes app. I think everyone should make the switch. It’s wunderful.

Story by Shelby Strickland, UP managing editor

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