Johnny Weakly

Johnny Weakley’s photography has a bird’s eye view. The art education major’s interest started seven years ago. “I just picked up a camera one day and just started playing around with it,” he says. “I guess, it’s kind of in my blood. (My grandfather) just always had a camera in his hand.” Recently, Johnny has combined his passion for photos with his other hobby — flying drones. He has been taking aerial shots of buildings and football fields. “You can see things from up there that you can’t see on the ground,” he says. The Buna native owns three drones, which can reach heights of 1,500 feet before losing connection, although, legally, drones are limited to 400 feet. “I’m not going to tell you how high I’ve been,” Johnny says, with a wry smile. Johnny says his most memorable experience was his visit to New York. “It was pretty cool and scary,” he says. “I flew it in Brooklyn, and there’s just so much radio frequency up there, it interferes with the drone. It was like it’s just going to fall out of the sky and I was going to go to jail in New York or something.” Johnny shows his photos on his website,, and has also had an exhibition called “Abandonment Issues,” in Galveston. “I don’t have abandonment issues — all the buildings I was going to were abandoned,” he says. Johnny plans to become a teacher and continue his photography. Clearly, the sky’s the limit.

Story and photo by Karisa Norfleet

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