Christopher Shroff

Christopher Shoff is a fan of J.R.R. Tolkein’s “Lord of The Rings” trilogy. To be fair, to say he is simply a fan is like saying bacon is just meat. The sophomore theatre major says that he and his brother, Michael, bonded over their love of Middle Earth. “(We) would always watch the movies throughout our childhood,” Christopher says. “It was just a fascination with us, and we would watch them over and over again.” The Beaumont native says “The Two Towers,” the second of the trilogy, is his favorite. “It has all the interesting points,” he says. “They have Gandalf coming back, and the battle of Helm’s Deep is awesome.” The brother’s love of the stories led them to collect memorabilia. “We know all the lines and all the characters, so we wanted some of their stuff,” Christopher says. The pair started building their collection in 2014 and now have six swords, one helmet, the ring, a staff, and a map of Middle Earth between them. “Orcrist was my first sword, but my favorite is probably Glamdring — it was Gandalf’s sword,” Christopher says. “I think I’ll always just keep adding to the collection as time goes on. I’ll just look for things that are interesting, like more swords, more props and more costume pieces.” So, if Sauron makes his return, we’ll know who to turn to for help.

Story and photo by Victoria Seeton

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