Abigail Gleason

Wearing clothes as colorful as her personality, Abigail Gleason spins, the bright hoops circling around her. The Beaumont native is a night hooper, and can regularly be found twirling her illuminated hoops around town. “Hula hooping seemed like a fun, upbeat way to get some exercise,” she says. “I picked up a cheap one from Academy a few years ago to start out, and was eventually gifted an L.E.D. version. I have three L.E.D. hoops now.” Hooping reflects her personality — the biology major is always bright and brings joy to all who meet her. The biology major relates her love for science to hula-hooping. “It comes down to a combination of several forces at work; when a person inside of the hoop moves their body to propel the hoop around them, they are exerting an upward force” she says. Abigail also applies her hula hooping techniques to tasks of everyday life. “Juggling hula-hoops helps me juggle things in everyday life, such as being able to multi-task, staying balanced and performing well under pressure” she says. Whether it is spinning her hoops or examining the natural world on the spinning ball we all inhabit, Abigail says it is all some form of jumping through hoops.

Story and photo by Ashley Kluge

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