LaTroy and War2

LaTroy Gable

For LaTroy Gable, a dog is more than just something one takes for a walk or tosses a bone occasionally — his dog, War, is literally man’s best friend. The Great Dane, a Service Canine, assists LaTroy at school and at the Dallas native’s kennels. “War keeps the other dogs from chewing on things and using the restroom in the house, and from leaving the yard,” he says. “War is a role model.” War is an emotional support dog, too. After the death of LaTroy’s grandmother, War became a support as the biology and dance dual major dealt with the stress of running a kennel, being a full-time student and grieving the death of his only family. “I picked War from a litter of puppies nine months ago,” LaTroy says. “I trained him to help with the dogs and to support me emotionally. War knows the days in which he can be a little more interactive with others, and when he has to be specifically focused on me, by the color of vest he wears each day.” The pair are inseparable. “Because of War, I have improved tremendously in my thoughts and emotions,” he says. “War will be a friend for a long time in my life.”

Story and photo by Shane Proctor

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