Lamar SGA president Dillon Nicholson. UP photo by Hannah LeTulle

Lamar SGA president Dillon Nicholson. UP photo by Hannah LeTulle

“I’ve been involved in SGA for three years now,” he said.

Nicholson has been involved with SGA since he was a freshman and  said the president’s job isn’t to change things, but to be a facilitator.

“I take petitions or surveys, just student opinion data, and bring it to the administrators,” he said. “I want to advocate on the student body’s  behalf. There isn’t any inherent power that SGA has, but rather it’s this place holder for student opinion.”

Nicholson said that his goal is for every student to be a member of SGA.

“Our constitution states that if you are a student of Lamar University you are the student government,” he said. “I don’t see myself as bringing about change, either internally or externally, however, I can help what is already going on, or what needs to be going on.”

When Nicholson isn’t studying French literature, taking polls or facilitating student government, he is plays the saxophone and collects coins.

Nicholson said he has also been collecting coins since he was seven.

“I don’t know why,” he said. “I just love coins, probably because I played video games, like ‘Mario’ — this obsession with gold sparkly things — and so I would collect pennies. My dad kind of showed me a wheat penny, from like the early 1900s. That got me interested, too.”

He will be applying to Lamar’s master’s in music program in January.

“Music can be very powerful,” he said. “Time is time, the meter is the meter. You don’t have to have this linguistic lens or frame. There is no intermediary, it’s just sound.”

Cassandra Jenkins, UP sports editor

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