Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center extends hours for fall semester. UP Coty Davis

Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center extends hours for fall semester.
UP Coty Davis

Students looking for a way to keep fit, get fit, or just let off steam will find everything they need at Recreational Sports. The program will offer a variety of different activities and leagues this semester.

“We want all patrons to have a great experience when they come to the Rec Center,” director Art Simpson said. “Our intention is to provide a variety of opportunities and programs that interest students that will keep them engaged in recreation throughout their collegiate career and after.”

The Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center has added five new treadmills, new games for the media room, and has extended the hours to the rock wall, and expanded weekend hours. Rec Sports has also introduced multiple new intramural events.

“The programming available from Rec Sports gets bigger every semester,” Bo Earls, associate director, said. “We always have new events offered, from group fitness, intramurals, outdoor pursuits and aquatics.”

Earls said the most exciting added programs are 15 group fitness classes. Classes began Monday mornings with yoga, and end Thursday nights with cycling.

“They are fun and free,” he said. “Some of them are classes we have never offered, or have not offered in quite some time. Some of the new classes include cardio kickboxing, ternion crossfit and cycling.”

Jason Harrington, coordinator of intramurals and sport clubs, said new sporting events such as Intramurals Cricket have increased the expected participation for the fall semester.

“Cricket will be a lot of fun and I encourage all to try out this new sport,” he said.  “Cricket is a very popular sport internationally, and if you enjoy playing baseball or softball, you will have a blast with cricket.”

Rec Sports will feature two sports for people with disabilities in honor of October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month. All entries for this event are due Sept. 19 and are free.

“We have teamed up with the Disability Resource Center to offer two adaptive sports this October,” Harrington said. “We will offer wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball. Anyone may participate in these events and we are looking forward to a great turnout.”

Intramural basketball is the biggest and most competitive sport each spring, and Rec Sports has included a fall league for the first time, Harrington said.

“The goal for us was to keep basketball going since it has been so successful,” he said.

Josh Kern, a member of intramural basketball team Fab 5, said he is excited to hit the hardwood sooner than the spring.

“I was too happy when I found out they were doing intramural basketball in the fall,” he said. “Playing intramural basketball gets you away from the real world for a minute.”

Before signing-up for any intramural sports event, patrons must pay the entry fees at the Rec Pro Shop. Fees and deadlines vary.

David Garrett III, Rec Sports associate director of operations, said the changes have already seen an increase in participation, with 1,331 patrons using the Rec Center on the first class day.

For more information, call 880-2306.

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