Student yogis practice power yoga, a fitness-based Vinyasa practice, in the Sheila Umphrey Recreational Center fitness studio, Jan. 25. UP photo by Hannah LeTulle.

Student yogis practice power yoga, a fitness-based Vinyasa practice, in the Sheila Umphrey Recreational Center fitness studio, Jan. 25. UP photo by Hannah LeTulle.

Lamar University’s Recreational Sports begins their busiest semester with numerous events and clubs. The spring semester will focus on intramurals and sports clubs from basketball and football to cricket and ultimate Frisbee. 

“As normal, our stable sports are basketball, outdoor soccer, 8-on-8 cricket outdoors, flag football and volleyball,” Jason Harrington, coordinator of intramural and sports clubs, said. “This year, for flag football we are going to do 7-on-7 instead of 4-on-4. We are also doing 4-on-4 volleyball. We try to keep these sports year-round where our participants can play the same sports they love both fall and spring.”

Harrington said the spring semester focuses a lot on basketball games, and events including tournaments, shootouts and obstacle courses.  

“We are going to have a qualifier tournament for basketball, which is this Sunday,” he said. “Whoever wins that tournament, we are going to send that team to represent us at the regional tournament, which will be at the end of March at Texas A&M.

“We also have scheduled free throws and three-point shoot-outs. We’ve done those for the past couple years, but we’re looking to add a few new things, like a two person three-point shootout. We’re looking to do a basketball obstacle course as well, like you see in the All-Star games.” 

Besides intramurals and sports clubs, Harrington said Rec Sports will add some events for residence halls.

“We have dodgeball which starts next week,” he said. “We have water basketball and 4-on-4 volleyball. Students can sign up through their resident directors or RA’s to talk to them about getting on a team and representing their hall so they can earn points.”

The Rec Center will also host the Fit Games, Harrington said.

“(There’s a) National Rec Sports and Fitness Day every year — this year it is Feb. 22 —but we are going to have our own Fit Games, Feb. 21,” he said. “Three-point and free-throw shootouts are on-the-spot registration. People can just come out, sign up and play. Overall winner, best time for Fit Games, or most free-throws or three-pointers will win a championship T-shirt.”

Some new clubs will also be introduced this semester, including a Muay Thai class, Harrington said. 

“Muay Thai is sports kickboxing, competitive kickboxing,” he said. “They are still working out some things in order to practice and possibly compete. It is martial arts that come from Thailand. They are really getting things together this semester for that.”

Harrington said almost all teams compete off campus at some level during the semester.

“We have basketball, baseball, tennis, wrestling, archery, ultimate Frisbee — and they are all competing,” he said. “Soccer is looking to have a tournament or two to go to this semester. All of our clubs should be active and travelling this semester. Some of them hope to make it to national tournaments, so that’s something we are looking forward to.”

Harrington said although basketball and dodgeball deadlines have already passed, there are still plenty of sports to sign up for this semester, including outdoor women’s soccer which will start Friday. 

Students can sign up for clubs via,, by visiting the rec center, or can email

Story by Cassandra Jenkins, UP managing editor

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