Wendell G. Williamson, Houston artist and retired history teacher, draws images filled with inspirational sayings.

“I started drawing when I was half past the knee of a grasshopper,” he said.

Wendell G. Williamson discusses the history of several drawings.

Wendell G. Williamson discusses the history of several drawings.

His images are put together from memories and from life experiences. Williamson also gets ideas and inspiration from patrons who hire him to make drawings.

“In many of my drawings, I will copy several photographs of my subject matter and draw them to fit together as one composition,” he said.

Before his commits to drawing subjects with historical content, he will research the topic and create the drawing as close to the historical reference of the subject. For some of his civil war drawings, he has visited the sites where the battles happened to get a connection with the space. Williamson travels all over the U.S. selling his drawings at fairs and trade shows.

The retired history teacher loves to share his works, along with a small history lesson for each piece of work on display.

Story by Shane Proctor, UP contributor

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