UP Graphic by Haley Bruyn.

UP Graphic by Haley Bruyn.

Paying college tuition has some perks besides a fancy “.edu” email, rules on what you can and can’t do in your room, and the joy of having all your tests in one week. As annoying as school can be, there are a few perks to being enrolled in college.

As a student with a dot-edu email you can get a few perks from services you already use. Prime Student offers a six month free Amazon Prime membership, plus  50 percent off of Prime for every year after. This service provides access to music, movies, and unlimited photo storage on top of Amazon’s normal market place options. You can stretch your money a little bit further by clicking the “no rush” option. This gets credits to Amazon’s Prime Pantry service to get some food items for free.

Another college-friendly company is Spotify. Students receive a year of half-priced Spotify premium for simply signing up for Spotify Student. Spotify is a music renting service. With a premium membership you can listen offline, play higher quality music and not have to deal with annoying ads every other song. They also offer some video services that are hidden within the app.

College students can get free Microsoft Office 365 for up to 10 devices by simply googling Office 365, logging in with your Lamar email and downloading the software. This includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and OneDrive. It  will work on Mac and PC.

Adobe offers a  60 percent discount for the entire Adobe suite at $20 a month — which gives you access to software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator, as well as mobile apps.

Evernote, a powerful note taking application, offers their premium service at half price. This offers 10 times the space and more detailed interaction abilities.

The Washington Post provides free access to all of their content if you sign up with your .edu email. This is great for students who want to broaden their horizons and read about world issues on a daily basis.

Most big news papers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal offer a $1-a-week subscription. Apple offers a $50 discount on most Macbooks for college students and near the start of the fall semester the discounts normally increase.

So even though we still have to pay  full price for books, tuition, dorms and a meal plan, some companies are giving us a break. That’s one upside to being in the hellhole teachers call “Class.”

Noah Dawlearn

UP staff

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