Rec Sports hits target with new schedule

Kylie Bradley, Orange, Junior, take aim in archery practice at Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center on Monday Oct 2.

Kylie Bradley, Orange, Junior, takes aim in archery practice at Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center on Monday Oct 2.

Recreational Sports was affected by Harvey like everyone else, especially with having to rebuild numerous schedules.

“The storm did impact us with having to do a lot of re-scheduling,” Jason Harrington, coordinator of recreational sports, said. “We pushed back so many events.”

Harrington said that the teams are finally getting back on schedule after Hurricane Harvey caused so much rescheduling, and the turnout, so far, has been better than previous years.

“We have five co-rec teams this year,” he said. “In the past five years, we had zero co-rec teams. This has been a great success for us to get a lot more people involved, especially within female participation. As far as the men’s teams we have 11 teams for men and five for co-rec, zero for women. For volleyball we’ve had really good success this semester. We had nine teams for co-rec, six for men and three for women.”

The busiest parts their schedules have been pushed into October and has caused many events to overlap and run back to back, Harrington said.

“Cricket should be coming up pretty soon,” he said. “We had to push that back to Oct. 8. We also changed that from outdoors to indoors. We are going to have indoor cricket in the main gym on the two basketball courts. We’ve done that for the last three summers and it has been a great turnout for 6-on-6, but we are also changing it to 7-on-7. Teams need to be signed up for cricket by Friday. We have four teams signed up right now.

“We also have our football pick-em’s. We have 20 games, college and NFL, and we send out an Excel sheet of random games that week and you put down who you think will win. It’s called a confidence pick-em where you put a point from 1 to 20 for which score you are most confident in. The winner of each week gets a championship T-shirt and we keep a cumulative score over the whole 10-week season and the overall winner gets a championship shirt. It also rolls into the College Bowl Pick-Em’s after the fall semester. You can sign up for that at anytime. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get involved and cheer teams on.”

Five-on-five basketball and indoor soccer will also start in October, Harrington said.

Rachel Robinette, Fannett, junior, practices with a compound bow at Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center on Monday Oct 2.

Rachel Robinette, Fannett, junior, practices with a compound bow at Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center on Monday Oct 2.

“Oct. 6 is the deadline for basketball and we’ll start that up Monday,” he said. “We’re going to try to do a five-week season for that. Indoor soccer will start a little bit after that and be about four-weeks long.”

This semester will also produce new ways to earn points for your fraternity, sorority or resident hall, Harrington said.

“Starting this semester we are doing Greek points for co-rec,” he said. “Fraternities and sororities compete and earn points for their organization. They came to us last semester about being able to do that for co-rec and we’ve really seen a huge boom in those leagues.

“We’ve been doing great with the resident halls as well. If anyone lives in the halls and they want to compete and represent their hall, they have two options. We have three-on-three basketball, Oct. 18, at the village courts and we are going to do sand volleyball, Nov. 2, also at the sand volleyball courts near the village. They can just talk to their RA’s about how to get on those teams and get involved. Same thing with the Greek fraternities and sororities, they earn points for wins and the overall most points by hall at the end of the year, fall and spring, gets a team photo and a plaque made for them to have in the hall.”

Along with intramurals, students can also join sports clubs, Harrington said.

“We have eight current clubs right now,” he said. “We have men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, wrestling, archery, tennis, ultimate frisbee and women’s soccer. Half of our sports have already started traveling. Baseball played an 11-inning scrimmage against Rice on Sept. 23. The basketball clubs played a home scrimmage against SFA and played league matches two weekends ago. Soccer played in Houston at U of H, Sept. 23. All those teams are traveling again this weekend. We’re looking to get more people involved and to join the clubs.”

To sign up for intramural sports, go to and make a free account with a Lamar ID and email. To join a sports club pick up a flier in front of the rec and contact the corresponding officer.

Story by Cassandra Jenkins, UP sports editor

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