Faculty art show close set for Friday

The Dishman Art Museum will host a closing reception for the Department of Art Faculty Exhibition, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Sept. 22. The reception will feature food and live music. Entry is free.

“When I was on TV one time they asked, ‘Why should we come to the reception?’ and I said, ‘You’ve got great food. You’ve got great music. You’ve got fantastic art. What more do you need?’ and it’s true,” Dennis Kiel, Dishman Art Museum director, said. “That’s what we have and it’s a good night. There’s something for everyone.”

The exhibit will cover all art media.

“When I say we have something for everyone, we’ve got paintings, photography, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, video — even graphic design,” Kiel said. “There’s quite a variety of stuff and I think that’s what makes it fun.”

Katharine & Company will cater the reception, and LU music students will provide music.

“We always joke with everyone, that everyone is always looking for something to do on a Friday night,” Kiel said. “It’s usually always well attended.”

Kiel said it is not the role of the Dishman to sell the artists’ work, but if someone is interested in a piece, they will be put in contact with the artist.

“We’re not like a commercial gallery whose role is to sell the work,” he said. “The show is more for inspiration, education and for the students to be inspired. However, if someone says, ‘Whoa, I’d love to have this. I’d love to buy it,’ we connect them with the artist.”

Kiel said the museum promotes the exhibition receptions, but also tries to promote additional visits to the museum.

“It’s not easy to look at the art at the opening reception, especially if it’s crowded — it’s more of a social event,” he said. “You only hope that people will see something and say ‘I’ve got to come back.’ You hope they’ll come back on their own and they can really spend time looking at the art.”

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Story by Shelby Strickland, UP managing editor

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