spoons3Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is alone. That is not a comment on her relationship status — unless one counts her relationship with spoons. “It’s weird, I know, but it is unique,” she says. “I’ve never met anyone else who collects spoons but there has to be someone out there.” The Beaumont sophomore has collected spoons since she was seven-years old. “One of my best friends bought me a spoon on a trip she went on and told me it was a collectable,” the corporate communications major says. “From then on, I’ve been collecting.” Lauren has more than 100 spoons from various locations all around the world. “I have spoons from Italy, Russia, Canada, almost every state in America — you name a place and I’ve probably collected a spoon from that state or country.” She plans to continue collecting until she fills an entire wall in her home. “Each spoon represents an experience I’ve had, or stories of experiences I’ve heard from friends and family. They’re all from places I’ve been or want to visit.” Each spoon has a symbol or picture that represents the place it is from. While she may never meet that perfect someone who shares her passion for the cutlery, Lauren has one thing going for her. “On the bright side, I’ll never have to worry about cleaning dirty spoons when I want to eat a bowl of cereal.”

Story and photo by Shelby Strickland

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