All Scores and Standings as of Feb 12.

5 on 5 Basketball

League Standings


Men’s Division 1


Team Flight3-1-0

We here2-2-0Deep Stroke ??2-2-0Mitm2-2-0

Alpha Tau Omega0-4-0

Men’s Division 2

Globetrotters3-0-0Bang Bros2-1-0NSBE 5Deep1-1-1Sigma Phi Epsilon1-1-1Sigma Nu0-4-0

CoRec Division

NSBE 5Deep3-0-0MEEN Street Ballers1-2-0AXO and ATO0-2-0

Dodgeball League Scores

CoRec Division

ZTA and ATO 3

NSBE 5Deep 0

Champions – ZTA and ATO

Men’s Division

Alpha Tau Omega 2

Balls of Duty 0

Champions – Alpha Tau Omega

Outdoor Soccer League Scores


Men’s Division 1

Lo$ Motatone$2-0-0Veni Vidi Vici1-1-0Terminators0-2-0

Men’s Division 2

CVEN SPORT TEAM2-0-0The Boot0-1-0

Swagdragons FC0-1-0

Men’s Greek

Alpha Tau Omega1-0-0

Sigma Nu1-1-0

Sigma Phi Delta0-1-0

CoRec Division


NSBE 5Deep1-1-0

AXO and ATO0-0-1

ADPi and KA0-1-0

Sport Clubs

All Scores and Standings as of

Sunday, Feb 19.

Club Basketball


Lamar Club 43

Houston Community College 32

Lamar Club 32

LSC Tomball 34


Lamar Club 60

Houston Community College 39

Lamar Club 58

LSC Tombal 52

Club Baseball

Gm 1

Lamar Club 20

Nicholls State 2

Gm 2

Lamar Club 11

Nicholls State 1

Gm 3

Lamar Club 11

Nicholls State 0

Club Tennis

Sectional Tournament at Austin

Team 1 “Shank City” beat TAMU

and UT in pool play to reach the

gold bracket but fell to the

Team 2 “Big Red” beat Lonestar

Kingwood and made it to the

Bronze Bracket

Both teams were 2-5 overall in the tournament.

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