hsnd13Humane Society rebounds after fire, seeks volunteers

On the evening of March 15, the Humane Society of Southeast Texas was destroyed by a devastating fire which took the lives of 67 dogs. The fire started from a faulty wall socket.

It has been seven months since that tragic night, but the Humane Society has continued to serve as a sanctuary for companion animals by providing temporary shelters that can house up to 130 animals. Some of the animals are not currently in the shelter but are in the care of foster parents who take animals into their homes and give them the necessary human interaction they need.

Some of the animals have been abandoned or abused and require extra love and compassion to be comfortable around humans again. Volunteers help these animals transition back into normality by regularly interacting with them. Some dogs enjoy being petted, cuddled and loved, while other dogs prefer a long run or a game of fetch.

Similarly, some cats crave cuddling and compassion, while others enjoy playing with toys.

The Humane Society is still raising  funds to build a new animal sanctuary, and they are always looking for volunteers.

For more information about volunteering, or to donate, visit www.humanesocietyofsouth easttexas.org, or email hssetnowandforever@gmail.com.

Photos and story by Noah Dawlearn

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