What do you think about professional athletes protesting during the national anthem?


Monica Stroschein, Junior I would say that people have the right to protest when and where they want. I think that the players are using their ability and platform to protest. What they’re doing is awesome. The NFL players who have the spotlight are able to reach out to so many more people. I think that’s why so many people are upset.




jaevionJaevion Bonhomme, Freshman I believe it’s good for them to take a knee because they’re standing up for what’s right — the black people who are dying and things like that. They’re trying to bring it to people’s attention using their sport and televising it. I feel they’re right.





carolynCarolyn Ortiz, Junior I think that it is their First Amendment right, so they are able to do that. I think it’s right because they are publicizing the protest, so they are making everyone aware of what is happening for those who might not be alert about what is going on. Those people do watch sports.




dustinDustin Boyd, Sophomore It is not the kneeling I have a problem with. It was the Steelers staying in the locker room and not even coming out for the National Anthem. If you want to take a knee on the side and still be there for the National Anthem then that is your right. But the Steelers refusing to even go out onto the field was unacceptable.




cyraeCyrae Stevens, Junior I think that it is a great thing. They’re expressing their right to the First Amendment, and I feel that we send people overseas so they can fight for our freedom, and this is just a form of protesting. This is nothing outrageous — just people exercizing the First Amendment.




ericEric Mittal, Junior I think that there are more effective ways such as lobbying and writing letters. I know that a lot of people think, right now, that system is not working, and I don’t know if it necessarily is how it’s supposed to, but I think that there are systems in place to make changes and we should focus more on those.

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