LU athletes need support

Lamar University participates in 15 collegiate sports, — eight for women and seven for men. The school hosts teams from all across the country, bringing in new talent, new faces and new rivals.

Whether it is basketball, football, volleyball or tennis, college sports is an activity that brings people together, decreases stress and boosts school spirit.

Players across the campus wake up early and leave late, practicing from sun up to sun down, spending countless hours sweating in the hot sun or freezing in the cold rain.

Lamar athletes are a different breed — they work to be the best, to represent the name on the front of the jersey, and nothing can boost a team more than seeing a full stadium and hearing the chants of a fervent crowd.

Going to games boosts morale for the teams, and a rowdy student section can be the difference between a close loss and a runaway victory.

Students should attend athletic contests and represent the school. We should go to sports games of all varieties and cheer on our fellow Cardinals.

Sometimes life gets in the way, we might have an exam or a test the next day, but just wearing a shirt or a jersey with one of Lamar’s teams on it to class means something to those players.

We do it for professional sports, NFL, NBA, and everyone seems to be wearing an Astros jersey at the moment. We have posters of athletes most of us will never meet plastered on our walls.

In the meantime, we have local athletes right here in our hometown needing that same support. Show up to games, cheer, clap, dance — support the Cardinals and watch the difference it will make.

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