The holidays are almost here. This means two things — that we will be bombarded with obnoxious amounts of Christmas music for the next two months, and that the end of the semester is quickly approaching.

As we prepare for final exams and term paper due dates, we should take advantage of the opportunity that Thanksgiving break presents to relax a little. Amidst the turkey and stuffing, we should try to unwind and mentally brace ourselves for those last few assignments.

For different people, this means different things. In some families, this means stuffing one’s face with a good meal and enjoying one’s relatives, or decorating the Christmas tree. In others, it means not letting current events cause a massive argument at the dinner table, or trying to find the leak in the giant inflatable Frosty while armed with a roll of duct tape.

The holidays should be peaceful and happy, and, for students, a breather after three months of chaos.

Even as we go Black Friday shopping and help untangle massive strands of Christmas lights (and hope that we don’t have to check every bulb to find the one that’s burnt out), we should be aware that we still have a few weeks to go. But sometimes forgetting what we have to do in those few weeks is nice, too.

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