After spring break, the semester comes to a screeching halt much faster than most students realize.

With midterms behind us, end-of-term projects and paper due dates are looming, and students need to prioritize and manage their time more than ever.

A good sleep schedule, healthy eating, and regular physical activity need to be incorporated as well to maintain mental and physical well-being.

Don’t procrastinate.

Too often, students are up until the early hours of the morning on those final class days, ingesting much too much caffeine and churning out sub-par work that doesn’t reflect their intelligence or dedication to the class.

Starting early ensures time to revise and even talk to teachers if a problem arises. If a class has a cumulative final, now is the time to make flashcards — not the night before the test.

Maybe a midterm grade was less than optimal. Use these last few weeks to improve daily grades and find out what problems need work. Professors appreciate initiative, so making an effort to communicate and improve work can only work in your

With just over a month left, now is the time to push until the end of the semester. Due dates and final grades are less daunting when you’ve prepared in advance.

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