Up photo by Aspen Winn

Up photo by Aspen Winn

Brooklyn Williams starts her day at 7 a.m., gets dressed, eats breakfast, and then makes her daily drive down to Fannett road. Six days out the week and twice on Sunday’s, the Lamar alumnus ends her days at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. “It’s literally always something to do here,” she says. “As Pastor John Adolph’s assistant, he has me running, talking and meeting people with him from sunrise to sundown and when he can’t make it, guess who’s there to fill in his place?” One of Brooklyn’s primary jobs is as director of “Lamar Cru,” a late church service for Lamar students followed by a meal. “I was once a student. I know how stressful school is, I’ve been there,” Brooklyn, who graduated in 2011 with a corporate communication degree, says. “I just want those students to know that we care,” she says. “Away from home, you still have a family here and, yes, we will give you free food.” Although she has little time to herself, Brooklyn says she loves the position. She makes herself accessible to all of her colleagues and church members. “I love talking to people, reaching out to people. It’s my passion,” the former communication major states.”

Story and photo by Aspen Winn

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