Up photo by Marcus Owens

Up photo by Marcus Owens

Coca Cola has been a beverage in high demand since its creation, in 1886. Even though Darin Ford’s soda of choice is Dr. Pepper, the Beaumont-native has purchased a large amount of Coke to support his love for the glass bottles. Darrin, who is director at the Lamar Baptist Student Ministry, started collecting coke bottles in the early ’90s. “I probably have about 50 bottles here in my office,” he says. “I have more at home. I have one from the Los Angeles Olympics and The 2004 Final Four. I think my first ones were The Christmas Santa Coke Bottles, they started my collection.” Darrin even gets his prized possessions from foreign countries, with his most recent being from Belize. “It has sand from one of the beaches that we went to,” he says. “I have a couple I brought back from Egypt that have Egyptian writing all over it.” Darrin says he doesn’t get many from the United States anymore because they only make them in plastic. “If I see an interesting one, I’ll pick it up, but I’m kind of running out of room. I consider the Coca Cola bottles as my babies.”

Story and photo by Marcus Owens

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