From early in the morning to late at night, graduate assistant athletic trainer Dave Kovner can be found working with Lamar athletes in the Dauphin Athletic Complex. In his spare time, he takes pride in working out and staying healthy. However, that wasn’t always the case. “My freshman year at Stony Brook, I gained about 50 pounds — I hit my freshman 50,” Dave says. Despite being an athletic training major, Dave did not practice what he preached and his weight got up to 265 pounds. Dave attributes his weight gain to poor diet and exercise. When he was sophomore, Dave found out he was lactose intolerant. “I had to change up my diet pretty drastically, which lead to me losing about five pounds just from that,” he says. With the new diet came a change in attitude. “I started eating smaller portions and working out every day — the weight just fell off,” he says. Dave says his passion for athletic training is what really kick started his weight loss. Now in his last semester of his master’s program at Lamar, Dave is looking forward to a career as an athletic trainer.

Text and Photo by Brendan Satran

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