Up photo by Marissa Bonner

Up photo by Marissa Bonner

When LaTridia Byrd’s knee burst open during a routine in high school, her gymnastics career was over. “I’ve always been a dancer, though, and I am still able to do most things I did before, but If you ask me to do a backflip now, I won’t do it,” the Houston native says. Four years later, the Lamar alumna has found an alternative — acro-yoga. “It’s like acrobatics and yoga had a baby,” she says. “You have a partner and you work together to create stability. It’s a mental and physical workout, because this person is holding you up themselves — nothing else, just you and your partner.” She got her boyfriend of three years involved as well. Whenever she is not working one of her two jobs, LaTridia is in the gym or a dance studio, or outside enjoying the sun. She makes sure to meditate at least once a day. LaTridia says trust plays a big part in acro-yoga. “I have to know that you will keep me safe,” she says. Eventually, LaTridia hopes to open her own acro-yoga studio. “Right now, acro-yoga is a hobby but it gives me that adrenaline I crave without all the ‘extra’ that gymnastics brought into my life,” she says.

Story and photo by Marissa Bonner

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