Up photo by Baylee Billiot

Up photo by Baylee Billiot

Lamar University alumni Roland Wolfford collects bald eagles. “It’s one of the icons that represents the freedoms of our country,” the 80-year old says. With 30 years worth of collections, Roland says it’s his greatest treasure. “I have 41 eagles now, and I would hope to have at least 50 by the time I’m gone,” he says. His collection includes calendars, pictures, figures, and replicas. Not only does he have an interest for the memorabilia, Roland, who graduated with a degree in Applied Science in Diesel Mechanics in 1985, admires the actual birds, too. “I can’t stand to hear that someone has killed one of the birds,” he says. “I believe the penalty for killing one is $150,000 and 15 years in federal prison.” Roland, a retired plant worker, says he gets truly upset because he feels that when someone kills a bird, they are killing a piece of our freedom. “Someone shot one two months ago around the Winnie Marshes, injuring the bird’s beak and it had to be put down,” he says. “It broke my heart.” Roland says his greatest hope is for more people to recognize what the eagle represents. “It’s such a beautiful bird,” he says. “The way it flies freely in the air represents how free we are allowed to be as Americans.”

Story and photo by Baylee Billiott

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