Starting out a new semester can be stressful. However, in order to encourage growth, it’s worth considering the extension of one’s comfort zone. By doing this, all one has to do is remain on the lookout for groups that could potentially help promote personal growth, not only as students, but as people. It’s best to be well-rounded, and when one is in these situations, they can prove quite advantageous when apply for different programs or scholarships, and by having these different groups associated with your name, it begins to build a brand and prove that there is strong potential associated with your name. The next time you come across either an organization or group that doesn’t seem to fit, consider taking the leap to try something new. Take a look and see what could happen. College is a time to explore one’s potential — to try new things. Be the you that you would like others to see. Build your brand — a brand that potential employers will want invest in.

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