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Columnist argues for benefits of traditional gender roles

Everybody’s screaming and yelling “feminism.” But are we all supposed to be equal? Don’t get me wrong, I think we all should be living well, but striving for equality doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all equal, or even want to be equal.

I am all for men playing their traditional roles — paying the bills, taking out the trash, and working on the cars. I am also happy for women to perform their traditional roles — bring up babies, washing dishes and cooking. Men and women are powerful in their own roles.

Yes, some women can do most of what men can do, but why do it if it’s not truly needed. And yes, some men can take on certain roles women naturally do best but again, why if you don’t have to? Women and men were clearly made to do what the other can’t. Women are nurturers — not to say men can’t be, but women are just made to, it’s instinct.

Men are more athletic when it comes to certain jobs and protecting their families. Both female and male are powerhouses in their communities, just in different areas.

I’m not saying women go out and quit your good paying jobs, heavens no. Keep your job if it makes you happy and you can stash away some money just in case.

Karisa Norfleet UP staff writer

Karisa Norfleet
UP staff writer

And going on dates, men please continue to pay for the meals like it should be. Stop this feminism crap and pull out your wallet. Women should pay for a man’s meal if she feels like it, but even that shouldn’t happen often. Women, don’t be too quick to pull out your Michael Kors wallet to pay for that man.

A female paying for a man’s meal is letting him think it’s all OK. Get out of here with all that.

And the salary conversation is killing me. If you don’t like the pay you’re receiving for doing the same job a man is doing, stop talking and let the men figure it out. If the male wants to make all the dough, then have him pay for everything.

Women get upset when men don’t talk to each other in a certain way — locker room talk, workplace banter, for example —but those used to exclusively be men’s spaces. Now women are in those spaces. You want to be equal but you don’t like what they say.

And men please stop with the nurturing thing you think you’re doing. I’m sure there are a few ounces of nurturing God has given you, but I’m sure it’s not supposed to take over everything else he gave you.

I know feminism is not just gender equality, but also race, multicultural, LGBT and more, but what is equality? If we all became equal tomorrow, we wouldn’t know how to act. That would be called a “perfect world” and nobody is perfect.

We see a good amount of the lesbian community wanting to be as strong as men, but why? It is OK to ask for help you know? Men hate to ask for help, so women ask for help and solve problems. If a female is as strong as a man, is it OK if a man and woman get in a physical altercation? Hell, no. That’s still a woman and its morally wrong. Why be equal to men?

Men bring something to the table that females can’t and vice versa. If we’re bringing everything to the table, what do we need the opposite sex for?

I wouldn’t mind being married and taking care of a home. I would learn to do other things in my spare time and enjoy the years with my kids and husband. I’m not saying I wouldn’t pursue a career if the opportunity presented itself, but I wouldn’t make it a priority unless it was a decision between me and my partner.

So, men, do the dishes and keep your space as clean as you can while you’re single or mingling, but don’t make it a priority once you’ve found your partner. Women, stop trying to match up to men in their areas, it’s just going to continue to drive us crazy. A man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat. Go work, bring home the bacon, and politely ask her to cook it. If she says no, on to the next one.

Story by Karisa Norfleet, UP staff writer

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