There are many political issues in our country on a federal governmental scale, as well as politics within our own area. Of course, it is nearly impossible to come to an agreement on everything due to society’s numerous, varying opinions, but many of the issues that we’re presented with can be more thoroughly understood by doing a bit of research, or simply asking questions.

What encourages change? A problem. How do we go about encouraging change? Our voices.

In America, we have more than enough facets to assure that our opinion is heard — online forums, social media, and even classrooms. When we are tolerant of others’ and the opinions they voice, we will receive the same tolerance. We should be taking advantage of these means of being heard, and share what we have to say and what we think in a respectful and appropriate manner.

We will never come to a point where everyone agrees on the details or takes the same political stances, but it is possible to come to a point where we peacefully disagree and still hold each other to the same esteem.

We all have a voice, and using our voice is the leading way to help those around us understand why we think the way we do, and reassure others that they are being heard and that what they’re saying matters. Most importantly, we can use our own voices to encourage others to use theirs and understand their opinions without being rash or disrespectful. We can use our voices to be the change that our country, and our own city, have been waiting to see.

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